Sunday, April 30, 2006


Today I finshed off two essays reaching the halfway mark for both 19thC and 20th C courses. Probably both are a tonne of horsepoo, but I can't bear to look at them anymore - which is why I'm on here raving about blogs instead! Apart from Messalina, I've popped in new links to a few other interesting ones that I've found. The thing is when you go nosing around on one blog, you find links to other blogs, which lead you into links to other blogs - I found myself wandering off as far as Australia at one point! Anyway these few are just the start of some I've found, I'm sure.

I left work last week. Crunch time came in the form of too many migraines and not enough satisfaction. I've had to learn (again!) that I'm not superBarb, nor never will be. I can't tell you the relief I've had over not having to put in twelve hour days any more. Even though it was 'just' three days a week, it was still three days too much and meant that weekends were catch-up time with the washing (believe me eight people can generate a heck of lot of washing), cooking etc. etc. That left two days to fit in 32 hours of study! Man, it just wasn't happening...

Since then, I've finished the two aforementioned essays, had a total recall on the f*&*& manuscript that I've been hawking around Irish publishers and feel much better focused on what I'm doing and where I'm going. It's all the fault of the 20thC tutor, who told me that with a good deal more application I could get Pass 1 grades. I wish!



Thank you very much for adding me to your blog. I will stick you on mine in the next few days.


Ovid yeats

Cailleach said...

Cool Ovid! Thanks very kindly!

Messalina said...

Very glad to see that you've ditched the job - you were superBarb BEFORE you took it! :o)

Nice to see you getting enough space to be able to return to your writing a bit more (and the blogging).

Cailleach said...

Thanks Messalina, LOL superBarb seems to be sticking, ouchies!

I've been using the blog to kick around ideas as I have them now, instead of losing them to the aether, as wot usually happens.

This way I get a mental diary (that's mental as in mind, not mental as in bloody 'eck), and it gives me something to kick off when I do get a chance to pull it into a poem, as if!